We are a full-service public relations firm that works with businesses, trade associations, and non-profits throughout the United States. Our team of tested professionals with backgrounds in newsrooms have helped us establish time-tested relationships with local and national media outlets. This experience and understanding about the inner workings of news development for print and electronic media is why we excel at getting our clients into the news.

We are not an advertising agency, but a team of dedicated news professionals that focuses on editorial marketing. We understand the inner workings of a newsroom and how a reporter’s deadlines and goals affect the stories they run. It is because of our close relationship and understanding with reporters that newsrooms continuously choose the team of Media Marketing for credible newsworthy stories about our clients. A partnership with Media Marketing will result in positive PR about your company or organization that will appear in newspapers, trade publications, radio, or television broadcast.


Public Relations

-media relations
-media outreach
-press collateral
-editorial placement
-media training

Every PR strategy at Media Marketing is focused on establishing and strengthening our clients’ relationship with their target audience. We spend countless hours analyzing, researching, and anticipating the public’s response to our clients. Our input is constantly utilized to explain the ramifications of what our client’s actions may have on their target. Our goal is a plan of action that will inform the public about our client’s aims and goals. We look at PR as a strategically planned and executed communication process to establish mutually beneficial relationships.


Social Media

-social media management
-social media consulting
-optimize social media for SEO
-social media set up
-social media training

In this day and age staying up to date on current technology is a must to be successful in a competitive world. In recent years social media has become a driving force for advertising and informing the public. Social media is a great tool to feature and promote our clients, while also highlighting their alternative philanthropic or charitable ventures. At Media Marketing we can not only update and maintain social media accounts on a daily basis, but we can also educate and train our clients on how to properly utilize it. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest we have your social media needs covered.


Editorial Marketing

-create relevant news stories about our clients
-generate interviews for print or broadcast
-highlight our clients as experts in their fields

Our specialty at Media Marketing is getting our clients into the news and editorial marketing is our focus. We approach our marketing strategy with a hands-on, in-depth relationship with our clients. By first establishing a solid relationship between our team and our clients, we are able to produce better news stories. We create a distinct plan of action for our marketing strategy, whether it be in trade publications, newspapers, the internet, or broadcast. Our experienced team of PR professionals will generate timely and relevant news about our clients.


Public Affairs

-arranging meetings with legislators
-organizing political agendas

Our experience and professional relationships with policy leaders, lobbyists, and lawmakers allow us to assist in the construction and execution of successful political strategies. We help identify allies and build support for a wide variety of initiatives. Our experienced team has established connections with organizations in both New York State and Capitol Hill and we are fully prepared to advise any and all political needs. In this day and age, with political activity and lobbying under extremely close scrutiny, it is more important than ever to have the correct counsel. At Media Marketing, we can be the driving force behind your ventures, advising you every step of the way.


Crisis Management

-issue press releases
-advise plan of action
-control communications
-proactive approach

The team at Media Marketing is fully prepared to advise clients when forces put them in difficult situations. We combine a proactive approach with the media and the community with our political expertise to formulate a plan of action for management. We custom-tailor each strategy to our clients’ specific needs and we make sure to keep our clients’ best interests in relation to the media in mind. We take a proactive approach to crisis management, making sure that we identify each party’s communications responsibilities, and strategically monitor outreach to external audiences in order to properly execute our plan.