Case Studies


Jack’s Oyster House Case Study


Jack’s Oyster House hired Media Marketing to update its image as an old-style fine dining restaurant with a “new school flair” after recruiting a distinguished French Culinary Master to take over as head chef. The goal was to underscore its traditional image as one of the oldest continuously operated fine dining restaurants in the United States after a century of service, while attracting a 21st century audience.


Reached out to regional media outlets to promote coverage about Chef Luc Pasquier.

Generated press in print and electronic media highlighting Chef Luc’s status as one of only 52 Certified Master chefs, and his role in perfecting the already noted cuisine at Jack’s.


Our story on Chef Luc Pasquier turned out to be a major local interest feature and was published in numerous media outlets throughout New York State. The story was a major restaurant lead story and ran in 16 industry trade publications worldwide. Jack’s Oyster House experienced a tremendous influx of new business from younger patrons, which was a desired outcome. Restaurant Operator Brad Rosenstein re-engaged countless former customers who returned after an extended absence.


Concord Pools Case Study


Concord Pools and Spas hired Media Marketing to update their social media presence, in addition to establishing an ongoing PR campaign. As one of the most distinguished and experienced pool companies in the Northeast, it was the goal of the social media and PR campaigns to underscore their image as a consumer-oriented pool company, while still attracting a specific target demographic.


Media Marketing’s social media plan was to execute a formulated media strategy, in correlation with their ongoing PR campaign. Concord’s social media was then updated in accordance with their local and national press in order to gain increased coverage.


Following the media market-driven Times Union home show, Concord saw a 12 percent increase of Facebook likes and a 44 percent increase in Twitter followers by the end of February, which is typically the slowest month in pool sales. Additionally, the amount of average daily views of Concord’s Facebook page increased over 600 percent in a 30-day period.

A follow-up story on pool safety on CBS 6 also gained attention via social media last spring. After the television story aired in May, Concord’s Facebook page experienced a dramatic increase of 183 percent in page views for a 10-day period before returning to its normal level of activity.


Bilinski Sausage Case Study


Bilinski Sausage approached the Media Marketing team with the hopes to promote their products both locally and nationally. It was their goal to gain the family audience that places the same importance on nutritious and all-natural foods as Bilinski. With a well-established advertising campaign underway, they felt that they were still unable to truly reach the “foodie” culture that they strongly aspired to be a part of. They turned to the Media Marketing team to promote their products to an audience that is less influenced by the mainstream media.


The Media Marketing team took two different approaches to Bilinski’s PR campaign. In order to promote on a national scale, Media Marketing reached out to food bloggers and custom-tailored the introduction of various products to each blog’s specific interests, in hopes of gaining attention.

For the local strategy, the Media Marketing staff utilized our well established connections with local media as a vehicle for PR. The CEO of Bilinski was led on an extensive media tour of regional newsrooms and TV stations by CEO Howard Schaffer. Bilinski’s CEO was promoted as an authority on organic food restrictions and labeling laws and was personally introduced to the staff and reporters of Capital Region television stations and newspapers. This tour succeeded in establishing his expertise in the organic food field and in identifying him as a credible news source.


The Media Marketing team ultimately secured posts on eleven food blogs with national audiences, reviewing Bilinski products. The blogs were each focused around healthy, organic foods and easy family-friendly recipes. The posts succeeded in highlighting Bilinski to over 17,000 blog followers made up of the company’s desired target market.


Portadam Case Study


Portadam hired Media Marketing because they were looking for unconventional ways to promote a new product line. The product was making its debut at the International World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas. They were looking for ways to promote this new product at the trade show and through other media outlets.


Media Marketing worked together with Portadam to formulate a media kit announcing their groundbreaking new product. The kit was distributed at the show and succeeded in successfully promoting their new product line.

In addition to the media kits which Media Marketing formulated, biographies about Portadam’s leadership team were marketed to trade publications as industry authorities, with the goal of gaining exposure. They have since been regularly called upon as expert resources for countless interviews.


The distribution of the media kits allowed Portadam to establish a wider geographic market base in areas of the US where they had never previously conducted business. This ultimately enabled their new product line to experience sales that were much higher than originally anticipated. Additionally, Media Marketing’s efforts to reach out to trade publications and other forms of media highlighted the leadership of Portadam as experts in the industry. Because of this, they experienced more press coverage than at any other time in the company’s history, which translated to dramatically increased sales and a wider customer base.